Mar.3 – Girls’ Day

March 3rd is the Girl’s Day, wishing girl’s good health and well-growing. Girls celebrating the day by decorating dolls called “ohina-sama” (see the picture) and peach flowers.

3_3This “ohina-sama” is a little bit expensive. In these years, since the number of children is decreasing, grand parents use to gift it to their grand daughters when they are born. But few girls had the doll in 30-40 years ago. My sister and I created dolls with “Origami” by ourselves and celebrated the day. It was not so bad. Celebrating with original dolls was special to us.

And there is big advantage to this cheaper dolls that it is easy to dispose after the festival. What does it mean? It is said that delay of packing dolls up after the festival brings delay of marriage of the girl!!! Since the expensive dolls have many parts and stuffs, it takes much time to pack up.

Oh? Why am I still single then…? That’s a mystery….