Mar.14 – White Day

3_14Mar.14 is the White Day. I believe that this events is results of marketing strategy by sweets manufactures, because no other countries have this event there…

Most of Japanese people are aware of that. But since we like joyful events, this event are well accepted by us. What’s the white day? It’s the day which boys give candies or cookies with some gift back to girls who gave chocolate to him on the St. Valentine Day.

You may remember that I said there is some matter for boys on this day…Yes. There is unwritten rule on the gift. The value of gift which boys send back to girl should be three times of the value of what girls gave him! Why?? I don’t know. But I guess it comes the truth that the value of engage-ring is three times of monthly payment.

It is not strict rule, but it is also true that some girls expect it…They just high-return invested rather than sending their love…


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