Feb.14 – St.Valentine Day

2_14How do you spend the St.Valentine Day in your country? Having date? Sending gifts? It is also sweet day in Japan.

But there is a big difference to your country…In Japan, this is girls’ event to send chocolates and some gifts to boys in their mind. This event was originally planned by a famous chocolate company as a part of their marketing strategy. But it was strongly accepted by girls who think that telling love from girl would be disgraceful at that time (* Recent girls are more aggressive and not hesitate to tell their love to boys). This happens not only between boys and girls. Girls would send chocolates to their friends, co-workers, boss or father. In weeks before the event, girls rush to departments, patisseries or chocolatieres to get fancy one.

How about boys? This event is also big to them. Whether they can receive chocolate from girl in their mind? How many chocolates they can get? The quantity of chocolates can be gauge of their popularity.

If girl’s love would be accepted by boy, she can expect cookies or candies with gift from boy on the White Day, Mar.14.  No boy care that the White Day can be matter to him at this time. What’s matter? You can see the reason from the column, “White Day”…

I wish everyone would have happy Valentine! But I wonder happiest people would be chocolate manufactures…


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