Apr.1 – New Term Starting

4_1Different from other countries, the new fiscal year starts from April in Japan.We can see new business men or women in the city. In these years, the job numbers are decreasing and they struggled to get it.

Remembering my time, it was during the economic bubble years and it was really easy to get job. But the working environment changed much better, especially for women.

When I entered to my 1st company, women had to come to the office 30 min earlier than men and had to clean up co-worker’s desks and prepare to serve a cup of tea for them.The first task for me was to remember which cup is whose and co-worker’s preference, coffee, black tea or green tea and black, milk or sugar? I wondered why I had to serve and assist boys who entered the company together even though I lent my notes to boys? When I picked phone, a client tell me to pass the line to “man” instead of the charged person’s name.

In other hand, girls complained me about salary. My salary was higher than theirs even though what we were doing was the same. I understood their aggrievement was reasonable.

It was just after enforcement of the Equal Employment Law. Before then, company doesn’t like to hire woman graduated university. Because at that time, it was seemed that woman would leave the company when she was married, and expect her work at the company for only few years. Thinking about working years and salary, college graduated woman was preferred to the company. But because of the law, company had to hire university graduated woman and had to pay the same salary with man.

It was the transit period…

But it was changed now. Companies set bending machines in the office and woman is considered as business partner. And there is no reason to be complained about salary. I know we have still some issues but I am sure that the working environment is getting better and better.

I wish new business man and woman would enjoy working and experience accomplishment. I believe it would enrich their life!